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Introducing the "Clown" Class

Wizardry Online is releasing the "Clown" class in Japan on July 27, 2015

A "Chance Encounter" with Wizardry Vault

A chance encounter with Mahaman of Wizardry Vault leads to a KOT Union Spotlight!

Wizardry Online May Have a New Publisher!

The user community may have hit a home run gaining the attention of publisher Suba Games!
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Welcome back to the best Wizardry Online Union ever!!

If you're just checking in, welcome and let us know you stopped by. Leave a comment in the shoutbox and/or reply to one of our forum threads.

Join Us on Razer (our new Voice Chat)!

In case you haven't been around for a while, we have a new Voice Chat server through Razer and we invite everyone to join us over there. There were too many issues with Raidcall and Razer appears to be a great fit for our needs. Feel free to drop in and catch up!

Just follow this link to get started!

New Games for Union

You may have noticed that we are now supporting two additional games on this site. We are planning to give Black Desert Online a whirl when we get access. The launch is scheduled for early 2016 but we are trying to get BETA access. If you have any extra keys, consider sharing with your guild mates from Knights of Trebor!

Additionally, some of us have been playing Dungeons and Dragons Online and quite a few of us are at (or near) end-game content in Wizardry Online in Japan.

Consider joining forces, once again, with your fellow mates from KoT in one of these games. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Bring Back Wizardry Online Effort

For those that may not know our effort to bring back Wizardry Online Revival, while not completely dead, will not be happening through SubaGames. Unfortunately it appears that SubaGames was not a big enough of a company for Gamepot and they weren't able to get any traction in their bid.

Read more here...

Wizardry Online Japan!

Pendragon, Overlord, Otho, Lex and others from the union have gone to Japan to play this game. If you haven't found that game to replace Wizardry Online, we encourage you to give Japan WizOn a try... At least until it comes back to the US/EU!

For details on how to get started, check out this guide at Royals Of Dimento forums!

Welcome to the Proving Grounds of Trebor's Elite Guard
Welcome to the home of Trebor's Elite Guard; A Wizardry Online Union!

We are a union of adults who are bonded by their enjoyment for playing the original Wizardry Series of games launched in 1981 by Sir-Tech, Ltd and are now playing the newest game in the series, Wizardry Online!

Today the Wizardry torch has been raised once again by the Japanese company Gamepot by GMO. Currently the game is only available in Japan, but currently there is a movement to bring Wizardry Online to North America and Europe.

We are a Global Union (aka Guild or Clan) and this is our "Proving Grounds"!

Click this link to learn more about Trebor's Elite Guard.

Thank you!

TEG Admin