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by Overlord on Feb 06, 2013 at 12:14 PM
Ronin, as his name implies, is a bit of a lone wolf choosing no particular master but the world itself. Because of his proclivity for learning about the unknown, he is free from the biases and misunderstandings that a "particular" society may cling to.

At an early age, Ronin, showed his desire to learn much more about the world than what he could learn from the folklore and legends passed on generation to generation by his people. But for Ronin, he realized these stories for what they were; simply a misunderstood and microscopic view of the world outside of his village intended to form a false sense of safety for the community. A safety that would bind and strengthen the community... but not Ronin.

He knew early on that he would leave his small home in search of the truth about the world first hand. Ronin, realizing that there may be many towns, villages and cultures with much the same microscopic view of his own village would lead to danger in his pending travels. While this not only added to the excitement and enhanced his desire for adventure even more, he realized that the world outside of the safety of his own realm would offer a dangerous path for him. After all, he has witnessed first hand the way his own people have treated outsiders; so why would any other town or society think differently of him.

So Ronin took the early part of his life and prepared himself for the day that he would leave this small part of the world and begin to really live his life. This made for a bit of a lonely childhood; after all while other children of his village would frolic and play, Ronin was off exploring the far edges of his town in search of answers and experience that could not be learned in a classroom.

This estranged Ronin from the other males within his clan but strangely made him more attractive to the ladies. Ronin did not shy away from this attention he received from the females in his village but rather was very flirtatious with them. Ronin would learn quickly that his charm would not only get him far with the ladies but go a long way in ensuring his safety in his travels.

Of course, where his womanizing would lead to trouble and where his quick tongue and charm would not suffice; Ronin's skill in combat was equally as competent. Not one to shy from a confrontation he would seek to use his charm first but if pushed he was as skilled as the next person in combat. After all, you could not think of adventuring without some means of being able to talk your way in or out of things and if forced, fight your way.

Which brings us to present day where Ronin has stumbled upon the misty shores of this small unassuming port called Illfalo. Here, Ronin, would find a group of adventurers with an eerily similar background as his own.

This would lead Ronin to start questioning the laws of the universe. Leaving him with new questions to ask and explore. Were our paths meant to cross? Was my life's journey leading me here? Was there a higher calling directing my every action so that one day I would arrive... home.

And so the real adventure begins...