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An Encounter with Mahaman of Wizardry Vault

Overlord / Nov 06, 2013 / Union/Guild News
A while back Mahaman (Wizardry Online Forums) reached out to us about doing a Union Spotlight. Several e-mails went back and forth and here was the result of the online interview.

A chance encounter with Mahaman of Wizardry Vault

WV: The idea for KoTEG was something you were putting together during beta, well before announcing it at release. What was the main reason for the wait?

In a word. Control.

As our site says, Trebor’s Elite Guard (TEG) was formed out of the ashes of the Beta’s. My buddy (Taragon PenDragn) and I pretty much worked together in the Beta’s and we had a 2-man union at the end of Open Beta. The reason we even started a Union in the Beta was so that we understood the basic mechanics.

What was needed to start the Union?



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