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SOE is Dropping WO in July 2014

Overlord / Jan 25, 2014 / Publisher News
It is, with great sadness, that we hear that Sony Online Entertainment has made the decision to drop Wizardry Online as of July 31, 2014.

The mood, today, was very somber and bitter sweet. But the energy was high as PvP ran rampant throughout Hero's Square and Twilight Alley. Many players who play the game as non-criminals elected to go "red" (criminal status) on the spot.

As a union we had an impromptu battle ensue in our Union Room. Many people were trying to get that item forged as high as they could, burning through gold and forge stones that will be rendered useless come July 31.

However, the one constant reminder that kept coming up was how close we were in our Union and how much we truly enjoyed playing this game with each other! While the end is near for Wizardry Online, the end is not near for Trebor's Elite Guard. Many have agreed to stay in contact and see if we can all find a game to move to in hopes of keeping our tightly knit group together.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our story.


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