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Introducing the Newest Class for Wizardry Online!

Overlord / Jan 16, 2015 / Developer News
Caveat Emptor: My thoughts below are based on what I am able to surmise from reading the Google translated information from the Japanese Wizardry Online site. So while I'm pretty confident about the information I'm sharing below, it stands to reason that some of this may change when the new class is dropped. Not to mention that even Gamepot has a warning at the bottom of their page that states that some of the information shared could change as they finalize development. So if you're gonna shoot the messenger, be sure to use Nerf© guns.

On January 27, 2015, Wizardry Online is going to release the first of two new classes planned for this year.

As part of Gamepot's maintenance over the past two days they introduced a new NPC in-town which contains missions that will need to be completed in order to unlock this new class. Since Wizardry Online may be coming back to the US, I figured I'd read a bit about this new class and give everyone here, not playing on the Japan version of the game, something new to wet their appetite.

What's in a Name?

OK... Let's get the obvious issue out of the way... Gamepot is referring to this new class as the "Clown".

I know what all of the Wizardry (Sir-Tech) purists are thinking right now; myself included. So let's get it out of the way so we can get to the good stuff.

Cue Ari...

Now that we've gotten that off of our chest, let's not forget that even Sir-Tech created new classes for their games. Anyone remember the "Gadgeteer"? I'll grant you that's a much cooler name, but let's not go flying off the handle saying this isn't "Wizardry" just yet.

"It's a Bard! You silly dog."

The early speculation, when the new Wizardry Online classes for 2015 were announced, was that this was going to be the "Bard" class. However, based on the background story for this new class and the skill tree; this is definitely closer to what I would call a "Jester", more so, than a "Bard". However, the roles and mechanics are very similar in nature.

So for the sake of getting back on track, let's just pretend for a moment that you didn't hear the above and let's call this new class the "Jester" throughout the rest of this article, because I think there's a lot of good stuff here.

Instead of utilizing musical instruments to buff/debuff; this class utilizes "dance" and "props" (e.g. Gold) to serve the same purposes as that of the Bard class.

As a side note, I can't wait to see the animations they created for these various dances and use of props. "Gold Splash" (one of the skills in the tree) consumes actual gold when used; so I certainly hope that if it's going to cost me my gold I better get a good show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the animation is going to be as cool as I picture it in my head.

"To Be Elite or Not to Be Elite"

As of this writing, I'm not entirely sure if this class is going to be considered an "Elite Class" (Lord, Ninja, Samurai or Bishop), another "Standard Class" (Fighter, Thief, Mage or Priest) or something in-between.

Consider the following minimum requirements for this new class:

  • Soul Rank = 3
  • LUCK = 8 or more
  • Alignment = Chaos

Since you have to be at least Soul Rank level 3, this means that the class will not be available immediately for any new accounts. Also, like the "Elite Classes", it appears that you will have to run a set of missions to unlock this class. Now once you unlock the class, if it's like the "Elite Classes", it's unlocked for your entire "Soul". At that point, the only other minimum requirements are Luck at 8 and an alignment of Chaos. Both of which can be accomplished on an initial roll of a new character.

So unlike the "Elite Classes" where the other minimum standards for the class prevent you from being able to roll a new character straight to a Ninja (as an example), it would be possible to meet the other requirements for the "Jester" (see how I did that) on an initial build. So it will be interesting to see if Gamepot developers recognize this and make the "Jester" class available to select when rolling a new character on an 'old soul' (pun intended). We should know shortly.

Updated 1/18/2015: As it turns out the missions in town are not "soul-based" missions but rather "character based" missions to acquire the necessary "class stones" needed to exchange for a "class change permit". This is the same process used to perform all class changes in the game. The "Elite Classes", however, did have a separate and distinct "soul-based" mission to unlock each elite class, but you were still required to exchange the class stones for a class change permit to make the official change.

The fact that there is no "soul-based" mission to unlock the "Jester" class, yet you still need to be SR3 in order to qualify for this new class implies that this is not another "Elite" or "Standard" class but more of an intermediate class.

So What's it Take to Graduate "Clown" School?

Why so serious?

As I eluded to before, there appears to be up to seven missions that need to be completed and they range in dungeons from: Caligrase Sewers through Hanging Garden. So, assuming you'll need to complete all seven missions, you will have to be at end-of-game content.

Updated 1/18/2015: The new missions NPC does have seven missions but they are not "soul-based" missions and they are not all required. The missions are actually used to acquire the "class stones" for the "Jester" class, so that you can exchange them for a "class change permit". There are seven missions in seven different dungeons ranging from Hanging Gardens (end-of-game) to Caligrase Sewers (1st Dungeon). This means that as soon as you reach SR3 (around Golden Dragon Ruins) you can leverage one of the seven missions to grind for your needed class stones. So you do not have to be at "end-of-game" content as previously presumed.

It's the Motion in the Ocean... Show me Da Skills!

As far as the skill tree, in and of itself (not taking into account multi-class builds), the "Jester" smacks of a pure support class, or as one member of the Wizardry Online Revival Facebook Community supporting efforts to bring this game back to the US/EU had put it... a "disruption class".

Some of the skills in the tree sound very interesting and I see them (regardless of pure-class or multi-class) working well in conjunction with a Tank in the group. Many of these skills are designed to keep the aggro on a particular target (support a Tank in his/her effort to keep aggro), reduce the damage dealt, damage received, slowing and/or disrupting the mobs and performing OD recovery for the party to enable more use of OD skills during combat.

A lot of the skills appear to be AoE based skills (particularly the dance skills) and coordination of the party to stay within range during battle would be key to maximize the benefit received by all.

Both LUCK and OD are going to play a huge part for this class. This class does carry over some thieving skills allowing this class to disarm traps. However, with the high LUCK requirements of this class, I wonder if they will have a higher default percentage than the thief? I certainly would think it would be higher than that of the Ninja, but we'll find that out soon enough.

Putting Them All Together

So what about multi-classing? This is always a tricky question, because there's still so much we do not know about this class yet. Although we have an idea of what each skill might do, we do not know the mechanics of each skill. Such as what is the re-cast time for each skill, what is affected by increasing the level of each skill, do any of the skills have class restrictions?

On the surface, I do see the obvious combinations with Thief based on need for Luck, OD and shared skills between the classes. Perhaps you take some of the more unique support skills from Jester to the Priest or Priest to Jester and develop the ultimate support class. Of course, you also have to consider what types of "armor" and "weapons" can be equipped by the "Jester", as well. Information we likely will not have until the new class arrives on January 27, 2015.

There's so much we just don't know yet, but one of the best aspects of this game is the "discovery". Wizardry Online doesn't spoon feed you all of the information but rather gives you just enough to get you started; leaving the rest up to the community. If there's one thing I know, this community knows how to experiment with the classes and come up with some ridiculous combinations.

I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before we see some "killer clowns" running around town (couldn't help the obvious pun).

Perhaps you fancy a Ninja-Clown? Would you want to be attacked from the shadows by a "killer clown"?

Or perhaps a beefy, two-handed axe wielding Fighter-Clown?

Or... Just perhaps... What your chaotic nature fancies is the "Ultimate Trickster!!"

If you build it, the Wizardry Online community will come and make it even better!

About Trebor's Elite Guard (TEG)

Trebor's Elite Guard is a PvE oriented Union (aka Guild) formed out of the ashes of the Closed/Open BETA for Wizardry Online in North America. Known, in-game, as "Knights of Trebor" or "KOT", we have banded together with many former Wizardry Online players in an effort to bring back Wizardry Online to North America and Europe.


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