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About TEG
Trebor's Elite Guard (TEG) is a Wizardry Online Union formed out of the ashes of the Closed/Open BETA testing for the game. We are a non-PVP guild that holds a neutral stance on PKing. This is not to say that we will never PvP. We will defend our guild and our members from PKers that are causing a disruption from our Union and our Union member's primary directive.

What Binds TEG Members?

What binds the many members of this union is our love for the original Wizardry Series of games launched in 1981 by Sir-Tech Ltd. For many of us we cut our teeth in the "Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord" while others experienced their first Wizardry adventures while in pursuit of "The Cosmic Forge"!

In addition to the latest game in the series, Wizardry Online, our members continue to play many of the original games through popular emulators found on the Internet. The history of the game and the memories we have playing this wonderful series while growing up is not lost on us and we are here to make sure that this is not lost on the future generations who will hopefully come to know and love this game as we had.

Who is Trebor and why does he have an Elite Guard?

Trebor is a throwback name to the original Wizardry series produced by Sir-Tech Ltd and creators Andrew "Werdna" Greenberg and Robert "Trebor" Woodhead. In the initial game in the series, Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, the namesakes of the the protagonist and antagonist (Trebor and Werdna) were nothing more than the reverse spelling of the co-creator's first names (Andrew = Werdna and Robert = Trebor).

Trebor the Mad Overlord is actually the once and great King of the Kingdom of Llylgamyn. The Great Wizard Werdna stole his amulet and delved deep into the catacombs of the Proving Grounds underneath the Kingdom. King Trebor drove himself "Mad" attempting to retrieve the amulet. The "Mad Overlord" resorted to promising riches and glory in the Kings Elite Guard should any brave adventurer venture deep into the "Proving Grounds", confront Werdna and return the amulet he had stolen.

Should your party of adventurers have been lucky enough to survive through ten levels of game play (MURMUR - CHANT - PRAY - INVOKE), find Werdna's Lair (Contra Dextra Avenue), and to defeat the infamous wizard; you were rewarded by being inducted into the Elite Guard of the Mad Overlord himself.

We have taken up Trebor's Chevron and we wear it proudly!

Are "you" worthy of the title Knight of Trebor? A title only bestowed upon the worthiest of adventurers inducted into Trebor's Elite Guard!!

If you should deem yourself worthy of Knighthood in Trebor's Elite Guard apply today!